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What is SCB's policy on dividend payment?

SCB has a policy for payment of dividend at the rate of 30 - 50% of its net profit based on the consolidated financial statements, after taking into account of the long-term return to shareholders. The dividend will be paid in any year that SCB earns profit after appropriation of legal reserve and other required reserves and has no accumulated loss, including being able to sufficiently maintain appropriate capital funds in accordance with the law after the payment of dividends.

When the dividends will be paid by SCB?

Within 1 month after it is resolved by the general shareholders meeting or the board of directors meeting, as the case may be.

Does SCB pay interim dividends and if that is the case, at which rate?

SCB will consider paying interim dividends as it deems appropriate.

What was the ratios of dividend payment during the past 5 years?

The dividend paid for preferred shares and ordinary shares during the past 5 years can be checked through the history of dividend payments at > About SCB > Investor Relations > Stock Information > Dividend History.

How SCB pays dividends to shareholders?

SCB will make payment of dividend to the shareholders by 2 methods: (i) by transferring to shareholders' designated bank accounts, or (ii) by cashier cheques.

What are the advantages of dividend payment by transferring to shareholders' designated bank accounts?

The transfer of dividend to shareholders’ designated bank accounts via electronic network or so called the "System for Managing Automated Retail Funds Transfer (SMART)", or so-call ‘e-Dividend service’, will reduce problems on undeliverable cheques of dividend payment to shareholders and will enhance SCB’s capability in making dividend payments.  The shareholders will also receive benefits as follows:


  1. It is convenient, fast and safe. Accordingly, the shareholders will receive dividend on time.
  2. It will reduce times and costs for clearing cheques in respect of dividend payment. 
  3. The shareholders will still receive withholding tax certificate and notice of dividend payment by transferring to account via a registered mail.

Are dividends paid by SCB entitled to tax credit?

SCB is currently subject to 30% corporate income tax rate. Therefore, with such rate of corporate income tax, the individual shareholders receiving dividends are basically entitled to tax credit at the rate of 3/7.

What is the policy for dividend payment of SCB’s subsidiaries?

  1. In case of subsidiaries that SCB has full controlling power, the dividend will be paid at the highest rate from net profits after appropriation of legal reserves and other required reserves, including funds reserved for necessity in business operation.
  2. In case of subsidiaries that SCB has controlling power according to its shareholding ratio, the dividend payment will depend upon the policy announced by each subsidiary and will be consistent with the relevant rules and regulations.

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