Outlook Quarter 3/2019

Outlook Quarter 3/2019



  • Summary Thai economy 2019
  • Global Economy 2019
    • Box: Impact of the 2019 European Parliament Elections on EU and Thai Economy
  • Thai Economy 2019
    • External sector of the Thai economy
    • Domestic Economy
    • Box: Mid-2019 economic stimulus package and its impact on GDP
    • Box: Newly appointed prime minister reduces political uncertainty, though challenges lie ahead
    • Box: Economic forecast scenario analysis
  • Interest rates and exchange rates outlook in 2019
    • Box: The return of the J-curve?
  • Bull-Bear: Oil prices
  • Data Analytics: Bangkok Ho(s)tel good reviews, good prices
  • In focus: Game of trade Getting Thailand ready for the US-China trade war
  • Box: Window of opportunity for Thailand in the midst of the trade war
  • Summary of EIC forecasts

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