EIC Analysis / Insight
Bioenergy and the Road to Sustainable Growth
07 September 2016

Bioenergy and the Road to Sustainable Growth

Bioenergy is expected to grow rapidly around the world including in Thailand. Key supporting factors are government policies on national energy security, rising consumer awareness in environmental issues and climate change, effort to increase value-added for agricultural raw materials as bioenergy feedstock and new technologies to increase product value. This issue of Insight presents new perspectives and identifies business opportunities and challenges for the bioenergy industry in Thailand. In particular, we focus on 3 areas: 1) biofuel, 2) biomass power plants, and 3) bioplastics. EIC estimates that investment in the Thai bioenergy industry will reach THB 180-200 billion between 2016 and 2020.


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  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: Prologue: The Global Bioenergy Industry
  • Chapter 2: The Biofuel Industry in the Age of Cheap Oil
  • Chapter 3: Biomass Power Plants in Thailand Power Industry
  • Chapter 4: Riding the Green Consumer Wave with Bioplastics
  • Epilogue
  • List of Abbreviations