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Thai transport mega-projects pave way for countless business opportunities
11 November 2015

Thai transport mega-projects pave way for countless business opportunities

A wide variety of businesses are likely to gain new and improved business opportunities as Thailand revamps its transport infrastructure to reach top international standards, according to a new report by SCB Economic Intelligence Center (EIC).
In the latest edition of Insight, an in-depth quarterly analysis of business and economic topics, EIC forecasts the impact of the Thai government’s 2.2 trillion baht ($61 billion) plan to upgrade rail, air and water transport. EIC expects that the plan will boost GPD growth by 0.3 to 1 percent each year, stimulate higher private-sector investment, remain fiscally sustainable and increase the likelihood that Thailand will become the region’s logistics hub. The mega-projects will generate growth in industries ranging from construction and property development to commercial aviation, retail and logistics, among others.

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  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: Infrastructure gap has dragged on Thailand’s development
  • Chapter 2: Off the roads, onto rails: putting Thai transport on track to efficiency
  • Chapter 3: Airport upgrades likely to lift economy 
  • Chapter 4: Port expansion: harnessing the power of water transport
  • Chapter 5: Moving on: transport investment push will create both pressures and gains